Microsoft OneNote and Its issues

OneNote is a product that is developed by Microsoft.OneNote is the part of Ms office products It helps its users by saving their handwritten or typed notes and it also helps users to save the drawings that are made by them or users can even save audio files over it and you can record your onscreen work in form of recordings. You can also share your OneNote files with another person also but there is one condition that the user should also be OneNote user then only you can share your OneNote files. If you have any problem while accessing OneNote then you can contact at MS office setup team.

A web version of OneNote is also available as an integral part of Office Online, thus it helps users to edit their notes online and save them. It can be used in windows and Mac OS too. It also allows multiple users to edit the same file at the same time if it is saved in a shared folder and admin has given permission to share the files to multiple users with editing facility also.

So, now we see what these issues are one by one -:

•The file is not syncing -: This trouble is the worst problem of all a user is unable to synchronize their file. As this option is now working people are unable to use their OneNote file on some other device. To resolve this issue you need to reset application settings back to default.

File not opening -: This problem is very common, and this problem is most raised problems to Microsoft Support executive. This problem arises because the file you are trying to open is of the older edition and you are trying to open it in the new edition of OneNote. To open this file you need to first convert this file to the latest version of OneNote and then you would be able to open.

Unable to connect with the internet- This trouble is sometimes faced by the OneNote users and they got the pop up that you are not connected to the internet. In this instance, you need to check that you are connected to the internet or not. If you are connected to the internet then you need to ask to change your firewall settings, as it might be blocking OneNote from using your internet connection.

So, these all were some common issues and if you face any other issue then visit our website

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